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04 Dec 92
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ii lurbb piink lurrhs.

ii lurbb piink lurrhs.
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Saturday, March 15, 2008
Resolution / Disclosure / Experience / Wonder

To walk to school everyday instead of taking a 3-stop bus ride. That will be an approximate distance of 1.5 km. Oh, that's 'cause I live in Bishan.

Yesterday, in Habbo, I met someone who claimed that he is a Sec 4 Rafflesian. So I asked him what class he is from. He refused to tell me 'cause he doesn't want me to stalk him (Doubtful point 1: What's the big deal?).

Then he asked me what house I am from. I said Richardson. He replied, 'Liar! There is no such house.' (Doubtful point 2: If I were him, I will say, Richardson is RGS' blue house, or I will ask, you mean Morrison?, since all Rafflesians should know blue house in RJC is Morrison-Richardson ['cause it's Morrison in RI, and Richardson in RGS for blue house].)

I asked him who is his form teacher since he doesn't want to tell me his class. He refused to tell, again. (Doubtful point 3: What's the big deal, again?) Then I told him that I'm from class 4-1, LOL. He said oh. (Doubtful point 4: Errr... in RI, it's 4A, 4B... not 4-1, 4-2...)

Then, he said we should meet up. So I suggested meeting at Morrison Memorial Library. ROFL. He said he may not be able to go 'cause he has to rush for his English Portfolio. (Doubtful point 5: Eh... since he's Sec 4, he shouldn't be rushing for any English Portfolios, 'cause the English project for Term 2 should only be ERP II...) (Doubtful point 6: There is no such library as Morrison Memorial Library in RI. There is only Hullet Memorial Library. =.=)

Oh, then I became random, and asked how about meeting at Block B Atrium. Then he said he will try to. (Doubtful point 7: There isn't a Block B in RI. LOL.) So I decided to expose his lie! Then everyone who was looking at the conversation all LOL-ed, and said 'Nice one!' LMAO.

And guess how the liar responded? He said he was testing me! And he was about to unmask me! Wow, nice! LOL!

I went to Mediacorp on Tuesday to support RI team in Chinese Language Challenge (华文智多星). From 4A, Yu Hsuen, Ben Wee, Yu Chen, Yi Ming and me went. We got to go 'cause our Chinese teacher is in-charge of the team and one of my classmates (He Shi, imba chinese scholar) is in the team. Anyway, we sat at the upper gallery (except for Yi Ming who sat in the lower gallery 'cause he's supposed to help if all the teams fail to answer the question).

Before the show starts, the in-charge asked us to clap for 2 minutes, 'cause they wanted to have a filming of an enthusiastic audience LOL. We clapped till our hands became red. Then individual school was filmed. We were supposed to act as if our school team has gotten the question correct, so we clapped, screamed and whistled. If I'm not wrong, they will insert this part into the whole show where appropriate. Quite fake, imo.

The host was Guo Liang (He's superb as a host!). He stood among the audience and shouted '欢迎收看' (Welcome to...), then all the audience had to shout '华文智多星' together. Then Guo Liang walked down to the stage and to his spot. Then the show started.

RI team was imba! For the first two rounds, it was the qualifying round among eight schools. RI was the highest with 24 marks at the end of the first two rounds, and the second highest was 18, wow! The top 3 schools entered the quarter-finals (which comprised of another two rounds).

RI team was imba again! RI got 46 marks at the end, while the other two schools got 32 and 14 respectively! So RI entered the semi-finals, where they will compete with schools who got into the semi-finals too through the same elimination procedure. Woohoo~~~

It was a great experience for me! I hope to see myself in one of the random shots on TV.

Many Saturdays ago, I went to watch Chingay@Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. I stay in Bishan (which is where RI is, that's why I can walk to school), LOL. I didn't want to go down 'cause I can actually watch from my house which is 16-storey high. I went down 'cause Kenneth Siah (from my CCA who stays in Bishan too) invited me, as well as Zhong Hao (from my CCA who stays in Bishan too).

I went down at 7, and both Kenneth and Zhong Hao were there already. Kenneth was with his parents and sister. We waited and waited and finally the floats were here! The floats were a rare spectacle! So niceeeeeeee... so I took a lot of photos, which I am too lazy now to upload! (Ya, I'm v lazy... that's why I posted this blog post only now...) Then OMG, the MPs were here too! And Kenneth and I shook hands with the MP! (LOL, actually I'd prefer to shake hands with TV stars...)

Oh, while we were waiting for the floats to come, Kenneth (or more specifically, Kenneth's dad) treated Zhong Hao and I to bubble tea. Thanks Kenneth and Kenneth's dad~~~ =D. Anyway, after that, Kenneth, Kenneth's sis, and I decided to go to the tiny garden at my flat (6 HDB flats form a Bishan Heights and there is some greenery in between those flats, and I stay in one of the flats).

There was a Bouncy Castle! We wanted to go up, and we stood on it, but by the side. The coordinator asked us to go down 'cause we were too old, I think! T_T! Sigh, then we went to play some games at the game stalls. LOL. Then after that we went to the back of the Bouncy Castle and sat down, and we enjoyed the tremor caused by the kids who are bouncing so happily. LOL.

~Oto... ii lurbb piink lurrhs! 5:04 PM