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Lee Jia Jin
04 Dec 92
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ii lurbb piink lurrhs.

ii lurbb piink lurrhs.
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Monday, September 3, 2007
Nicely packed day

Today was quite a tight day for me.

Woke up at 7.10. Reached school at 7.55 for Chemistry Makeup/Revision/Remedial. Chemistry teacher Mr Vetuz was 15 minutes late. He was waiting at the Chemistry Lab for us, but he told us last week that the venue would be 3A. =.=. Wasted our time.

Went through CCT2 and other Assignments. Got 27/33 for CCT2. Very happy, 'cause I got 18/33 for CCT1. 9-mark improvement wor! Chemistry department is quite weird, 'cause they like the number 33. I mean, you seldom see a total mark having 3 in its ones place right? Most of the time you see either 0 or 5.

We (ya, Yee Siang and I) were gonna have an outing at 9.30 for Aroma Chem DMP. And yet, he's sooooo late and still, he was dilly-dallying throughout the whole session. I know why, 'cause he's gonna have the lesson till 12 (ya, 4 hours total), so he has no reason to rush through his lesson. Anyway, we were 5 min late for the outing. Heng, the bus didn't leave without us. =.=.

This DMP session should have been 3 hours. But we spent half an hour on transportations, and actually we only had 1 hour of proper learning. =.=. It ended at around 11 instead of 12.30. =.=. Cheat our $! I forgot to say, we went to Singapore Polytechnic, and there's a Mcdonald's there! Big Mac meal only costs $4.40! $1+ cheaper than outside! VVVVVV cool! I bought Big Mac Upsized Meal at $4.90! Wootz! LOL. Then Yee Siang became lame and said that the McSpicy was the best one he has ever tried and claimed that he had a sense of contentment after eating it. =.=.

After that, we went to Esplanade with Tony. Ya, Tony is also in the DMP. Quite fun to go Esplanade lah, 'cause it has been quite long since I last went. The underground passageway was what I was looking forward to lah. The one from City Hall to MRT if you don't know what I'm talking about due to the fact that you are a rich brat who seldom takes MRT, or who don't have to take MRT to Esplanade.

Oh, we went there to buy cello and bass mutes. I was quite shocked to find out that they are sold in a shop called Frank Brothers which I have actually passed by quite a few times long long time ago. There was this $40 000 double bass! Scary! Didn't quite dare to touch it, but still touched it at the end 'cause we were trying out the mutes. Also, there was this vvvv light score stand which costs $75. Nice nice. Tony wasted quite a lot of time in the shop. (Like some auntie who probes and scrutinises.)

After that, Yee Siang and I took MRT back to Bishan while Tony went home. When we reached Bishan, it was raining crazy cats and dodo dogs! Yee Siang wanted to take bus but I asked him not to, 'cause it was already 2.25 pm! We have to reach by 2.30! In case you're wondering, there were actually 2 Chem sessions. One from 8 to 12, the other from 1 to 5. Since we attended the first 1.5 hours of the first lesson, we should attend the remaining 2.5 hours of the second lesson which should start somewhere around 2.30.

Yee Siang didn't bring his umbrella, so I had to share mine with him. =.=. My umbrella was just big enough for me, but not quite spacious if shared with someone else. So while walking on the flooded pavement, we were bickering like women 'cause of the rain which was wetting us. We were quite stupid, we could have walked through the shopping centre and flats to reach the crossroad junction. But we chose to walk along the road. =.=.

When we reached the crossroad junction, we couldn't click the button 'cause the whole area was heavily flooded! If we were to walk in, our pants would get wet. So we were like stoning. Luckily, our classmate happened to appear at the flats who was going to school too. (Ya, he was smarter. He picked the easy route.) Very lucky! He helped us to click the button. Hahahahaha.

After we crossed the first part of the road (it's a crossroad junction mah), we were nearly drenched by all the speeding cars. They were splashing water at us. But was quite funny. Hahahaha. In the end, we reached the classroom at the very correct moment. Mr Vetuz was about to finish what he did with us before 9.30. Ya, so we didn't miss anything! I mean, coincidences happened twice today. First, the appearance of our classmate! Second, the very exact moment to reach the class! Hahahahaha.

What a day. Thanks for reading my diary. If you really read through it, you are my Diary, 'cause normally people who keep a diary always start off with "Dear Diary..." for their every entry. LOL.

~Oto... ii lurbb piink lurrhs! 11:44 PM