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Lee Jia Jin
04 Dec 92
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ii lurbb piink lurrhs.

ii lurbb piink lurrhs.
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Saturday, August 18, 2007
New Blog!

After almost 8 months, I've finally decided to resurrect my blog! Long long ago, I used LiveJournal. Then I changed to (which is kind of obscure...). By late Dec, there was something seriously wrong with my blog @ Beeplog and I could not be bothered to do anything to it. Besides, life has been quite boring then so there wasn't any point for me to blog.

However, Sec 3 life has seemed to be much more exciting. There were a couple of times when I wanted to record down what have happened but sigh, I've got nowhere to do so. Since I have become lamer as compared to last year, I've decided to waste my precious time to do up a nice pink blog~ Hah, so please enjoy my masterpiece. Rofl.
I feel very sad. I got 3.56 for Aug's Progress Report. It's all 'cause I screwed up my Geog and Chem CCT which caused me to get 2.8 (which is in fact, a 64) for both subjects! Although it's a 3.56 (a big drop from my 3.89 last year...), I'm just glad that I didn't get lower than the dude who sits beside me. Yee Siang and I tried to calculate our GPA by adding all the GPs up and then divide by 8. LOL. We did not get the GPA that is shown on the report.

YS and I were like so nooby lah. Maths is of double weightage and I only remembered when Tony told me during CO dazu today. Talking about dazu, I think the bass (excluding cello) section is always very noisy during dazu. Tsk. LOL. We played the 感怀, Can you feel the love tonight? and Schindler's List. The first 2 songs require us to pluck all the way. Thumbs up! The third song had both bowing and plucking but it was still very nice! All 3 songs were quite simple, so we were very slacky... LOL.

~Oto... ii lurbb piink lurrhs! 1:24 PM