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04 Dec 92
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ii lurbb piink lurrhs.

ii lurbb piink lurrhs.
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Went out with mum today. Had some interesting encounters.

Mum was buying some ladies' undergarments. I was waiting outside for her (like duh). There was a CD shop nearby and some Chinese song was played. There was also a black cat somewhere near me. It was lying down, motionless except for its tail. I was tapping my foot with the tempo of the Chinese song and I realised that the cat's tail was doing the same thing as me. The tail was going up and down, at the same rhythm as my foot. Wah, got music talent sia!

So, I was tapping my foot while waiting for my mum outside the shop. Then, a man stood beside me and faced towards the shop, looking. Weird, my mum was the only customer, so there's nothing wrong with me standing outside and looking towards the shop. But why was the man doing the same thing as me? Was he waiting for the shopowner? Or was he admiring the bras? Hmmmmm...

So, I got impatient... I looked around, then I saw an advertisement. A picture of Katsudon with miso and 2 pieces of orange, a $2.90 set meal. Cheap, but that wasn't the focus. I looked at the name of the shop and was thinking about it. It was 相撲の家, or, Sumo House. Nothing wrong, 'cause Sumo indicates to you how one will become as fat as a Sumo after eating at Sumo House. However, if you don't know English, the Chinese characters would make you wonder, 'cause 相撲 only means Sumo Wrestling, while 'Sumo' could mean the action (i.e. Sumo Wrestling) or the participant of Sumo Wrestling. What has Sumo Wrestling gotta do with a Japanese eating house?

After that, I saw a haircut shop. The name of the shop is 剪の店. Oh please, there is no such Kanji as 剪. The Japanese of 'cut' is 切る. So it should be 切の店? Haha, I wonder what would people think if you really put that as your shop name, 'cause 切 means slicing in Chinese, like in 'slicing meat'... Sianz, nowadays, I keep seeing Chinese brand names or shop names using の as 's or 的. It's totally wrong lorrr... For example, I saw this 優良の品. For goodness sake, since 優良 is an adjective, the linking character should be な instead of の.

At NTUC, I saw some oranges. It's labelled as 新鮮やさい. It means fresh vegetables. Nothing wrong? Nah. Since 新鮮 is an adjective, な should be there to link, so it should be 新鮮なやさい instead! By the way, the kanji of やさい is 野菜 which means vegetables in Japanese, but it means wild vegetables in Chinese. No wonder, やさい is used instead... if not people would think the vegetables are wild. =.=

~Oto... ii lurbb piink lurrhs! 9:31 PM