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04 Dec 92
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ii lurbb piink lurrhs.

ii lurbb piink lurrhs.
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Sunday, August 26, 2007
CSS2 is a failure!

Updated with some Youtube videos. Scroll down.

Disclaimer: This post contains highly biased comments. Please read at your own discretion.

Was damn pissed off last night when it was announced that Shawn is the male champion. Was even more pissed off when the overall champion was announced. It's Shawn again. =.=

Shawn was so lousy last night. He forgot the lyrics during the first part of the show. He was also criticised by the judges about his rhythm. Although I'm usually bad at rhythms, I could also tell that he screwed up. Thus at the end he got 34.5/50 while Benjamin, his opponent, got 40/50. Shawn got a 3.2 while Benjamin got a 4.0. However, I don't know why there are so many dumb audience who kept on voting for Shawn which enabled him to beat Benjamin and became the male champion. This is so unfair lor. Why did the audiences' votes take up 70%?

However, I was quite glad that Keely is the female champion. She got a 37.5 while Zhengning got a 35. As for the other 70%, Keely was also leading. Therefore, it's quite convincing for her to be crowned the female champion... unlike that Shawn.

When only Shawn and Keely were left on the stage, Shawn continued to sing lousily... He was supposed to sing a duet with CSS1's female champion Teresa. The song was 今天你要嫁给我, meaning "Wanna marry me today?". Like OMG, if you did watch that particular performance last night, you will be Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off, a.k.a ROFLMAO. It seemed like 姐弟恋 (Romance between an older woman and a younger man), due to the height disparity. Teresa was so much taller than Shawn. Not only so, Shawn was criticised badly by the judges...

Aiya, Keely sang her love song with CSS1 Male champion Zhiyang much better than that Shawn but... Shawn still got the overall champion title. Sianz. Sadded.

Compare Keely's with Shawn's...

~Oto... ii lurbb piink lurrhs! 8:13 AM