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04 Dec 92
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ii lurbb piink lurrhs.

ii lurbb piink lurrhs.
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Saturday, April 5, 2008
Bye Blogspot

Bye Blogspot. Hi Wordpress. :)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

115 words

Speed test

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Saturday, March 15, 2008
Resolution / Disclosure / Experience / Wonder

To walk to school everyday instead of taking a 3-stop bus ride. That will be an approximate distance of 1.5 km. Oh, that's 'cause I live in Bishan.

Yesterday, in Habbo, I met someone who claimed that he is a Sec 4 Rafflesian. So I asked him what class he is from. He refused to tell me 'cause he doesn't want me to stalk him (Doubtful point 1: What's the big deal?).

Then he asked me what house I am from. I said Richardson. He replied, 'Liar! There is no such house.' (Doubtful point 2: If I were him, I will say, Richardson is RGS' blue house, or I will ask, you mean Morrison?, since all Rafflesians should know blue house in RJC is Morrison-Richardson ['cause it's Morrison in RI, and Richardson in RGS for blue house].)

I asked him who is his form teacher since he doesn't want to tell me his class. He refused to tell, again. (Doubtful point 3: What's the big deal, again?) Then I told him that I'm from class 4-1, LOL. He said oh. (Doubtful point 4: Errr... in RI, it's 4A, 4B... not 4-1, 4-2...)

Then, he said we should meet up. So I suggested meeting at Morrison Memorial Library. ROFL. He said he may not be able to go 'cause he has to rush for his English Portfolio. (Doubtful point 5: Eh... since he's Sec 4, he shouldn't be rushing for any English Portfolios, 'cause the English project for Term 2 should only be ERP II...) (Doubtful point 6: There is no such library as Morrison Memorial Library in RI. There is only Hullet Memorial Library. =.=)

Oh, then I became random, and asked how about meeting at Block B Atrium. Then he said he will try to. (Doubtful point 7: There isn't a Block B in RI. LOL.) So I decided to expose his lie! Then everyone who was looking at the conversation all LOL-ed, and said 'Nice one!' LMAO.

And guess how the liar responded? He said he was testing me! And he was about to unmask me! Wow, nice! LOL!

I went to Mediacorp on Tuesday to support RI team in Chinese Language Challenge (华文智多星). From 4A, Yu Hsuen, Ben Wee, Yu Chen, Yi Ming and me went. We got to go 'cause our Chinese teacher is in-charge of the team and one of my classmates (He Shi, imba chinese scholar) is in the team. Anyway, we sat at the upper gallery (except for Yi Ming who sat in the lower gallery 'cause he's supposed to help if all the teams fail to answer the question).

Before the show starts, the in-charge asked us to clap for 2 minutes, 'cause they wanted to have a filming of an enthusiastic audience LOL. We clapped till our hands became red. Then individual school was filmed. We were supposed to act as if our school team has gotten the question correct, so we clapped, screamed and whistled. If I'm not wrong, they will insert this part into the whole show where appropriate. Quite fake, imo.

The host was Guo Liang (He's superb as a host!). He stood among the audience and shouted '欢迎收看' (Welcome to...), then all the audience had to shout '华文智多星' together. Then Guo Liang walked down to the stage and to his spot. Then the show started.

RI team was imba! For the first two rounds, it was the qualifying round among eight schools. RI was the highest with 24 marks at the end of the first two rounds, and the second highest was 18, wow! The top 3 schools entered the quarter-finals (which comprised of another two rounds).

RI team was imba again! RI got 46 marks at the end, while the other two schools got 32 and 14 respectively! So RI entered the semi-finals, where they will compete with schools who got into the semi-finals too through the same elimination procedure. Woohoo~~~

It was a great experience for me! I hope to see myself in one of the random shots on TV.

Many Saturdays ago, I went to watch Chingay@Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC. I stay in Bishan (which is where RI is, that's why I can walk to school), LOL. I didn't want to go down 'cause I can actually watch from my house which is 16-storey high. I went down 'cause Kenneth Siah (from my CCA who stays in Bishan too) invited me, as well as Zhong Hao (from my CCA who stays in Bishan too).

I went down at 7, and both Kenneth and Zhong Hao were there already. Kenneth was with his parents and sister. We waited and waited and finally the floats were here! The floats were a rare spectacle! So niceeeeeeee... so I took a lot of photos, which I am too lazy now to upload! (Ya, I'm v lazy... that's why I posted this blog post only now...) Then OMG, the MPs were here too! And Kenneth and I shook hands with the MP! (LOL, actually I'd prefer to shake hands with TV stars...)

Oh, while we were waiting for the floats to come, Kenneth (or more specifically, Kenneth's dad) treated Zhong Hao and I to bubble tea. Thanks Kenneth and Kenneth's dad~~~ =D. Anyway, after that, Kenneth, Kenneth's sis, and I decided to go to the tiny garden at my flat (6 HDB flats form a Bishan Heights and there is some greenery in between those flats, and I stay in one of the flats).

There was a Bouncy Castle! We wanted to go up, and we stood on it, but by the side. The coordinator asked us to go down 'cause we were too old, I think! T_T! Sigh, then we went to play some games at the game stalls. LOL. Then after that we went to the back of the Bouncy Castle and sat down, and we enjoyed the tremor caused by the kids who are bouncing so happily. LOL.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008
Waste of time

I went to Frank Brothers @ Esplanade last Saturday. We wanted to repair the spoilt bow but the repairman is overseas. So we went to Grammercy @ Paya Lebar. We took a bus after alighting the MRT and we alighted from the bus one stop earlier. We walked to the next bus stop where the Grammercy is. There, the repairman offered to fix the bow @ $70, which is quite cheap to me. Then I decided that I will be buying three $80 french bass bows.

For the new bows, a case is needed. However, Grammercy doesn't have a suitable bow case, so we were recommended to go to Synwin @ Tanjong Katong Complex. We took bus 40 as instructed and we alighted at City Plaza (which somehow the person at Grammercy mentioned while explaining how to reach Tanjong Katong Complex). We couldn't find Synwin @ City Plaza, so we went to see the bus route of bus 40.

We realised that bus 40 goes on a loop route, and we found Tanjong Katong Complex as one of its stops, but that stop is very far away from where we are. However, since it's a loop, we decided to take the bus to Aljunied MRT and crossed the road to take bus 40 again. When we reached Tanjong Katong Complex and found Synwin, we were quite glad! Finally!

We saw Chinese instruments and White-coloured Double Bass inside! Cool! Then Tony bought a case that costs $37.45 for himself, and I will be buying that too. When we came out of the complex, we found out that, OMG, Tanjong Katong Complex is just diagonally opposite of City Plaza! Zzzz, LOL!


Sianz. I did my English Oral Diagnostic three weekends ago, i.e. 12-13 Jan. Until now I still haven't presented. Zzzz.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Woohoo! I got the kinder English teacher ROFL. Actually, the fact is that 4A and 4C have combined English lessons together. The weaker students from the 2 classes form Class 1 and are taught by the fierce teacher. The stronger ones form Class 2 who will have the kinder teacher.

OMG, I am like so nooooooooob in English lor. So I really don't know why I belong to the 4AC Class 2... which is supposedly for the stronger ones... In my class, 19 people belong to Class 1 while 14 (including me) belong to Class2. While for 4C, 13 people belong to class 1 while 21 people belong to Class 2. LOL. But the 4C people are really prooooo, and I feel really like a nub.

Anyway, I'm very glad I didn't get the fierce teacher. LOL.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008
4A: Arrogance, Anxiety, Acquaintance, Apathy


Today my sister had music theory lesson at 3.30 pm with a bunch of other students. One of the students is a Sec 3 (of 2008) Rafflesian. He was wearing his white long pants. Hmm, I thought Sec 3s are supposed to wear their white long pants only after OBS?

My mum also knows that, so as a typical kaypoh auntie she asked the Sec 3 Rafflesian about it. You know what he said? He said that Sec 3s are supposed to wear long pants. =.= I mean, diaoz, since it's already after school, even if he hadn't known beforehand, he should have known by then that Sec 3s can't wear their long pants yet...

My mum wanted to explain, but this Sec 3 Rafflesian dao-ed (ignored) her with an arrogant look on his face. DIAOZ... I think that guy already knew that he wore the wrong pants (duh), but he wanted to save his face hence his responses. =.= And anyway, it's not as if my mum does not have a Rafflesian son. Dao my mum for what? Does he think he's that great? Or does he think that he is soooooo correct and my mum is soooooo wrong?


On my timetable, at the box labelled EN (English), the initials of two teachers are written. I hope and pray that I don't get the VERY fierce and scary one, whom I think is not that good. I really hope it will be the other one, who seems kind and teaches good. LOL. The answer will be out tomorrow at 10.30am. Ahh...


Acquaintance just sounds weird, but I don't care. LOL. Anyway, my FT1 is the same as last year's, while my FT2 is my last year's Chinese teacher. So she will be my Chinese teacher for 2 years, Sec 3 and 4. Gigglez. My FT1 teaches Maths RA (if you don't know what it is, it's some pro-er Maths). So he doesn't teach me. But my real Maths teacher is the same as last year's too. So are my PE and Bio teachers. Gigglez. I love it.


I have absolutely no interest in sandcastle building. But I'm appointed leader for group 4A-1 for this sandcastle activity. Sianz. Every 4-5 classes has a different task. Our task is to make a sand Theme Park. ROFL. We planned today, and we will execute it on Friday, at East Coast. Sigh, I don't think we'll be able to make a proper sandcastle on the day itself. T_T

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Happy New Year!

Yay, it's a brand new year!

I think I will be having a great start to this year 'cause I managed to finish all my holiday homework! Glad to know that I still remember my Japanese after about 2 months... 14 pages of Japanese homework worrrxxx... I also managed to squeeze out the 2 chinese article reviews. Just anyhow crapped. Gigglez.

Oh, I'm so happy to find out that Raja block will only accommodate the Sec 3s and 4s... and 4A and 4B are gonna be the only 2 classes on 2nd floor of Raja block... Hmm... the other 6 rooms are used for other purposes. LOL! So excited!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007
Concert is finally over

Yay, glad that the concert is finally over... but look at my fingers after plucking so much...

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Sunday, December 9, 2007
$80 Pizza Hut Vouchers

Wahh, my sis and I won $80 Pizza Hut Vouchers; check it out here!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Bday today

o.O It's my bday today. LOL.

By the way, my sister and I were quite lame and we participate in this KidsCentral End of Exams contest. I think the competition is only for Primary School kids coz we're supposed to talk about how we feel about the coming holidays. When we submitted our entry (1 only, using my sis' name, but I typed out the entry), our holidays have already started (my sis is in Sec school too).

And guess what? Our entry is one of the best 5 entries and we won $80 Pizza Hut vouchers! ROFLMAO!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007
My Ring!

Look at my ring! It's pink!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007
I've got nothing to do so...

I made this nonsensical video! LOL Enjoy.

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quite pleased with my results 'cause my parents are quite pleased with it.

Got two 79s. =.=. Could have gotten 3.84 instead lorz.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thanks to Yee Siang that I've learned and memorised all Korean characters. LOL, quite happy. EOEOY-Exams is great! Managed to do what I've wanted to do.

Before EOY Exams, I've made a promise to a huge bunch of friends -- 8 at least. But I had to put it off due to the exams. But now I've managed to live up to my promise and everyone is happy. ROFL.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Got back Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies and Higher CL results today. Quite pleased with my results. ^^ So don't mind me showing (off) the scores. LOL. But I suck at Geography. Just 1 less mark and I will miss 3.6. LOL. English is also a pity... hope there will be moderation. And I got 79.3% overall for Japanese. Will RI round it up? I hope so... for now, I just put a 80% to make myself happy. If that's the case... I will be getting a 3.76 for my Overall Report. Yay.

CA (60%)EOYEOY (40%)OverallGPA
Social Studies
Higher CL

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today's dazu was quite slacky 'cause there was a relief conductor. Only practised 1 piece for the whole 3 hours 'cause that piece is composed by him. LOL.

The relief conductor preached quite a lot, but it was quite beneficial for the rest of the orchestra. This is 'cause he pinpointed at almost every instrument and asked the players to practise this and that, but he didn't correct me at all... 'cause according to him, he didn't concentrate on my double-bass parts... although I put in a lot of effort and got my fingers sore which should be quite rare now...

I think it's due to the fact that this is the first practice after a 2 to 3 week EOY break... so my fingers had to adapt to the reaction force of the strings and the fingerboard again. LOL. Talking about reaction force, it reminds me of Physics. And Physics reminds me that we're gonna get back our EOY test papers next Mon and Tue! Yay, so happy, 'cause I wanna see what I reaped after I put in 101% effort to sow.

Monday: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Higher Chinese Language
Tuesday: Geography, English, Mathematics

Hope I get the marks I deserve, after mugging like I've never done before.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007
EOEOY Exams liaos~~~

Yay! LOL! End-of-End-of-Year Exams! Break from now till next Tues!

English (I think it was badly done...)
Social Studies (The questions were like OMG.)
Chinese (Quite simple...)
Chemistry (MCQ quite easy, but Section B is harder, Section C hardest.)
Mathematics (Very easy.)
Physics (Quite easy.)
Biology (So-so)
Geography (Easier than expected! LOL.)

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Saturday, September 29, 2007



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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Went for a haircut a few hours ago. Waited for 10 mins at the barber, 'cause the barber was very slow. He should be in his sixties, and he was combing the person's hair again and again for the 10 mins and cutting a few strands after every few combs. He repeated that for 10 mins. =.= I wasn't able to see much difference between the person's hair before and after that 10 mins. Got impatient and played with my um-bruh-ella. LOL. Actually, to put it positively, the barber is meticulous. But I would say he's a perfectionist. :|

Progress Check of Revision Round 1 [Round 1 (done at least 5 days before) = Detailed Revision; Aim = To relearn and understand. Round 2 (done 1 day before) = Rough Recap; Aim = To remember and memorise]:
51% out of 9 subjects
English: 0%
HCL: 0% (didn't manage to start. T.T)
Maths: 95% (didn't finish, just left with some practices for trigonometry, i.e. last topic)
Physics: 100% (yay!)
Chemistry: 100% (yay!)
Biology: 65%
SS: 0%
Geography: 0%
Japanese: 99% (Finished mugging, but I think I need to re-revise again tomorrow...)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Mugging Day

No school tomorrow = Mugging Day.

Progress Check: █████████░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% out of 9 subjects
English: 0%
HCL: 0% (gonna start tomorrow~)
Maths: 55% (gonna finish tomorrow~)
Physics: 100% (yay!)
Chemistry: 100% (yay!)
Biology: 65% (left with Respiration and Transport in Man...)
SS: 0% (Humanities last)
Geography: 0% (Humanities last)
Japanese: 80% (Gonna mug tomorrow since EOY is on Fri.)

~Oto... ii lurbb piink lurrhs! 10:50 PM